To change something, we first have to understand it

Why don’t we have better politicians and more women in politics, and how can we change it?

When will more countries join the EU, and will anyone follow the example of Brexit?

Can I help fight climate change, even if I’m not an environmentalist or an ecologist?

If you don’t just want to complain about the world’s problems, but want to find ways to solve them, then come and join us.

What will you study?

The European Studies M.A. programme is the perfect choice for students interested in government, foreign policy and interdisciplinary social science research. Theoretical knowledge is just the starting point and the programme focuses on developing critical thinking and the ability to connect facts, events and ideas.

An internship is an integral part of the study programme. Students are expected to use their knowledge in partner organisations

Internships in Slovakia: in research centres, NGOs, think-tanks, national state administration bodies, regional and local councils 

Internships abroad: in UN Vienna-based organisations, Erasmus+ traineeships, private corporations

What do our students say about us?

Dominika Hajdu 2

Dominika Hajdu
Analyst at GLOBSEC Policy Institute

“I have learned to think critically and work with data, to understand the world around me and to acquire the skills I need as an analyst. Without rote learning and with the help of the friendly and individual approach of teachers.”

Peter Jančárik 1

Peter Jančárik
Consultant at Seesame, a communication agency
Co-founder of the project Konšpirá

“In today’s chaotic times it’s important to be able to look at things that may seem simple and clear-cut at the first sight from a different perspective. If you’re not afraid of that, then this course is for you.”

Who will be teaching you?

At the European Studies Institute, you’ll meet a multitude of experts and practitioners who know how to translate their knowledge into practice. The institute is headed by Andrej Findor, who focuses on attitudes towards minorities, and tries to contribute to a more open and tolerant society. He also uses his expertise to help with the work of various non-governmental organisations. The dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University, Lucia Mokrá, is also an active teacher and you’ll meet her mostly in lectures focused on legal issues. You will encounter people with varied international experience as well, such as Professor Steven Saxonberg.

During each semester, we try to ensure that our lectures and seminars are complemented by experts from Slovakia as well as from abroad. In the past, students have had the opportunity to debate with the German MEP Rebecca Harms, state secretaries from the ministries of foreign affairs and defence – Lukáš Parízek and Robert Ondrejcsák – and the writer Irena Brežná.

Meet two of our lecturers

photo: reefe |

Dr Karen Henderson

Dr Henderson joined the Institute at the end of 2013 after many years of collaboration when based at the University of Leicester in the UK. Her research focuses on the domestic politics of Slovakia and EU eastern enlargement with a particular focus on Euroscepticism and the influence of domestic politics on EU decision making. She is also a frequent commentator on UK politics for the Slovak media. You will meet her on two courses – EU Policies and EU Enlargement and Democratic Consolidation.

photo: reefe |

Dr Aliaksei Kazharski

Dr Kasharski completed his PhD at the Institute and has also benefitted from a number of international research placements, for example at the University of Oslo, the University of Tartu and the University of Vienna. He is a researcher at the Institute and specialises in international politics and international relations, but his publications include articles focused on Slovakia. You will meet him on courses such as Contemporary Theories of International Relations, and Regionalism and Global Order.


Don't miss your chance to study in a welcoming community of FSES CU

Students should apply through You will find all instructions here (EN). Slovak speakers can read the application instructions here (SK).

Programme fees:

2500 EUR/academic year

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Should you have any questions about the programme of about FSES CU, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below.

Lucia Mokra

doc. JUDr. PhDr. Lucia Mokrá, PhD.
Dean and study advisor

We know that choosing the right place to study is not an easy task, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to help and advise you. Our Dean, Lucia Mokrá, is a study advisor for the master’s degree, and will answer your questions personally. You can also contact us via our social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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