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Do you want to learn more about the mind, feelings, behaviours, and psyche? Come and join our PsychE programme! 


Take the first step to becoming a fully-qualified psychologist by enrolling in our accredited Bachelor’s degree in Social and Occupational Psychology. We offer a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds in a programme that feels like you are studying abroad.  


Our classes are taught in English by experts with years of clinical and research experience. If you want to experience an international education in Slovakia, this programme is for you!


Do you want to know what our students like about our programme? Watch them share what they appreciate about our programme the most!


Do you prefer to study in Slovak? Check out our Slovak Psychology programme.

You will gain proficiency in general psychology, developmental psychology, neurophysiology, social psychology, organizational and work psychology, educational and school psychology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology and research in psychology. You can check out the study plan here.

What will your classes look like?

Our Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences is a modern, open-minded place that welcomes students of all backgrounds. As our student, you will take 5 classes each semester that will challenge you to dig deeper and really engage your critical thinking skills. 

You will learn cutting-edge clinical theories and research. You will develop applicable skills that will prepare you for your future career. We pride ourselves on individual approach and student-centered teaching. We want you to learn as much as possible and we will be there to guide you on your road to becoming a psychologist. Still not quite sure whether this programme is for you? Watch our students discuss what motivates them to study psychology at our Institute.

We are firm believers that university should prepare you for your chosen career in the real world which is why our students also take a 12-week-long internship in their final year. Would you like to learn more? Read an interview with our study advisor!

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Our students have completed their interships in more than 145 organizations across Slovakia. They were able to find placements in all regional towns and in some district towns (for example in Piešťany, Veľký Krtíš, Žilina). Our students also have an opportunity to pursue an internship abroad through the Erasmus+ programme.

Internships are a required component of our programme. They allow our students to acquire professional experience that distinguishes them from students of other programmes. 96% of our graduates find an employment within half a year of programme completion and we believe this is also thanks to the skills and professional connections gained at internship placements. Watch the director of our Institute discuss what makes our programme special and in what fields are our graduates likely to work.

Here are a few examples of organizations and companies where our students completed their internships:

  • School psychology – different primary and secondary schools, the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology
  • Work psychology – Dell, IBM, Maxman, PWC, Proplusco
  • Internship in research – Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute of Social Psychology
  • Counselling psychology – different Centres for children and families, Centres  of pedagogical and psychological counselling and prevention, Homes of Social Services, Treatment and Education Centres, different non-profit organizations (e.g., IPčko, Gateway to Life)
  • Clinical psychology – various hospitals (e.g., in BB, BA, ZA), Philipp Pinel Psychiatric Hospital

Ema Polakovičová

“I chose this course because I was interested in studying psychology however, I was not sure about the exact orientation of my latter studies. This programme enabled me to choose from a larger variety of possibilities – from human resources to clinical psychology. So far, it has been interesting to explore the fundamental topics of this course in neurophysiology, in history of psychology and in general and developmental psychology.”


Greta Bosma

“I have loved every part of this course and I am so glad I decided to come! The content is so interesting and the conversations we have really elevate our seminars, giving us a new perspective on how psychology can be used not only in research, but in every day life. The way my teachers have adapted to online learning has been amazing, and I have gained many insights into what current psychologists use to share their research, meaning I can really be engaged with all parts of psychology – the practical as well as the theory!”


Our teachers have studied and taught at prestigious universities abroad, including in the U.S., and are fully qualified and successful researchers and clinicians with years of experience. We regularly invite distinguished guest speakers to provide you with a broad range of expertise across all areas of psychology.


From innovative, career-focused assessments to understanding challenges societies face, we’ll equip you with the skills and aptitude to make a difference in the world.


All of our educators can be found here.


The hallmark of our Institute is excellent research. In addition to being excellent educators, our teachers pride themselves on being active scientists who regularly lecture at international conferences and publish scientific articles in prestigious international journals.  


We believe that students learn the best through experience, therefore, we provide our students with opportunities to collaborate with us on important research projects. The scientific activities of our teachers can be found on the university website of our Institute by clicking on the name of the teacher whose research record interests you.


Rado Masaryk

„My official job title is Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Psychology. My academic work mostly covers two areas – Marketing Psychology (for example how students choose their university) and Health Psychology (how we understand information related to health, e.g. vaccination). 

I am an active member of the International Society for Critical Health Psychology (ISCHP) and the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), and I am currently serving as our university’s Vice-Chancellor for External Relations .“


Elena Lisá

“Hello, let’s meet at General Psychology 1, General Psychology 2 and Personality Psychology courses. The courses are full of information and inspiring discussions with our colleagues. After participating in our classes, you will understand the essential terms of psychology as a science and clinical practice. I am looking forward to teaching you all, ready to start discovering psychology together?”


Don't miss your chance to study psychology in a welcoming community of FSES CU

Applications are accepted by August 15, 2024

Please read information about the admission procedure here



Students should apply through You will find all instructions here (EN). Slovak speakers can read the application instructions here (SK).


Programme fees:

3000 EUR/academic year


You can watch a video with our teachers and students talking about the programme here.


Follow us on Instagram or Facebook (SK), we’ll be sharing more information there. We are looking forward to seeing you in September.


Katarína Greškovičová
Study advisor

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